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Fix-It Friday

Fix-It Friday

Have you all heard of Sarah from I’ve been following this badass business blogger for a couple years now and I basically just love everything she does. From freelance tips, to blogging design tutorials, to coaching and design for fellow bloggers (with the occasional circus performer post mixed in-between), this babe is constantly dishing out beautifully designed, quality content for her readers.READ MORE


Understanding Analytics: Intelligence Events & Real-Time

intelligence events real-time

This is my favorite section of Google Analytics because it totally indulges my inner creep. These are the parts of Google Analytics that alert you in real-time when things are happening on your blog or website so that you can majorly creep on your audience you can potentially take action based on how visitors are currently viewing your website.READ MORE




We’re getting all social media up in here today! The beautiful, talented, PR Pro, and hot chocolate-obsessed, Kayla Hollatz recently started an instantly successful Twitter chat called #CreateLounge which covers all things branding, blogging, and creative businessing.

More than just a twitter chat, this weekly tweeting get-together has really become a community of a bunch of awesome people who encourage, inspire, and discuss some awesome topics for an hour each week (past topics have included: Rest in the Creative Process, Balancing a Blog + Day Job, Creative Environments, and Building Online Trust).



Understanding Analytics: Behavior

google analytics behavior

In this Understanding Google Analytics series, we’ve talked about the metrics that give you insights as to who your Audience is and also how they arrived at your website (Acquisition), so today we’ll go over the metrics that give you insights of your visitors’ behavior when they’re on your website.

As much as it’s useful to know who your visitors are and where they come from, it’s crucial to know which pages your visitors are interacting with and what paths of navigation they are taking around your website. This can help you present your most important information accordingly.READ MORE


How to Track Instagram Referrals in Google Analytics

If you’re following along with my Understanding Analytics series, you’ll remember that a couple weeks ago I mentioned in the Acquisition portion of Google Analytics that Instagram is left out as a referral source in social traffic.

Seems silly, right? I completely agree. Instagram is a huge referrer for many websites out there, yet that metric doesn’t show up in Google Analytics even though other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) do.

If you go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium and search for Instagram, you may see some traffic recorded, but it isn’t everything.READ MORE


In This Moment

As always, it’s been awhile since my last In This Moment post, but I like to sneak in these updates from time to time to organize my thoughts about what’s happening in my life + give you a glimpse into the life of the mysterious woman behind the blog. Exciting things are happening {behind the scenes}! I’ve hinted and alluded and written with excited fervor, and I’m not about to bring everything out to the light just yet, but I’m moving, I’m making progress toward some big, varied goals.

Portland Zwickelmania 2015



Understanding Analytics: Acquisition

Google Analytics Acquisition

Last week we talked about the Audience portion of Google Analytics, or who your website viewers are. We talked about seeing what language they speak, where they are geographically located, whether or not they’ve visited your corner of the web before, what kind of technology they’re using to view your website, and how captive they are (time they’re sticking around, number of pages they’re viewing, etc.).

Today we’re going to dig into how those visitors are finding you through via which online avenues. Knowing this information can help you determine where you need to concentrate your efforts to get more visitors and/or what sources are currently driving the most visitors to your website so you can be sure to optimize that traffic.READ MORE


Understanding Analytics: Audience

google analytics audience

Welcome to Understanding Analytics, a multi-part overview series to understanding the main metrics of Google Analytics on a basic level. The first part of this series will cover the Audience section of Google Analytics.

This series is a basic overview of Google Analytics for bloggers and small creative business owners (so probably not ecommerce). If you do not yet have Google Analytics setup and verified on your site. Take a step back and get that setup first. I go over the basics for how to add the tracking code on each of the major blogging platforms here.

Once you’re all set up, continue reading for an overview of understanding the Audience section of Google Analytics.



Portland Places: Rocking Frog Cafe

Rocking Frog Cafe Portland
It’s always the unsuspecting places that you’ve passed dozens of times and then one day decide to finally pop in that completely blow you away. As such was Rocking Frog Cafe. Despite the word “cafe” in the name, for some reason this place gives off more of a dive bar vibe from the outside.

Inside, however it’s an old house converted entirely into the cutest coffee shop in the world. Add a literary theme to the mix and you’ve got me in swoon city!

Rocking Frog Cafe PortlandREAD MORE